tech-driven future awaits
There is much more in the travel ecosystem than just new digital technologies, shifts in hospitality and travel patterns, innovative products. Internet of Things will be another element that will enable the guest acceptance of technology based hotel lobbies. Companies are exploring new paths to meet the customer expectations. The growing need of technological adaptation in the travel and hospitality industry is currently demanding an urgent attention. At GleeVoaz, our years of domain experience supporting leading Travel & Hospitality players gives us a unique digital perspective about what’s best suitable for your business.
Travel and Hospitality
Get ready for a tech-driven future with guests experiencing self-check-in, staff-less lobbies, chatbot services enabling online bookings and cancellation. Another focus for travel industry will be loyalty and streamlined reward redemption. There will be partnership between hotels and other providers that will help them to explore the industry and their role in travel experience resulting to active partnerships between restaurants, airlines, and retailers.
Sub Vertical
  • Quick Serviec Restaurants(QSR)/Take Away, Fine Dine Restaurants etc.
  • Banquet Services & Corporate or Event based Catering
  • Entertainment & Theme Parks, Spas, Pubs, Clubs
  • Hotels and Resorts etc.