Significant digital disruptions
The significant changes in consumer experience have forced the retail and distribution industry to adopt the digital age tools. Some of the extents having significant disruptors in the industry are:
  • Consumer expectations are going beyond in terms of engagement.
  • The apps, voice assistants and chatbots have made their place in the hearts of consumers and are playing their role dominantly.
  • Moreover, cybersecurity is a major concern for consumers using multiple channels.
Sub Vertical
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Products (CPG)
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home& Decor
  • Services Sales
  • Online and Multi-channel sales (i.e. incl. E-Com)
Retail and Distibution
The digital world we live in today possesses significant disruptions which are shifting the power to the consumers. The only key to maintain the leadership lies in providing ‘Meaningful Customer Experiences’ and affiliating with customers throughout their journey by eliminating the virtual and physical boundaries. The consumer preferences, procurement methods, and distribution channels have seen a paradigm shift recently. The industry-fit solutions are the next generation tools that can help the company achieve its goal.
Ensuring the fluctuating shifts
The above areas have formed a prominent place in the retail and distribution industry. We at GleeVoaz, know how to ensure the fluctuating shifts in the market. Our team of retail and distribution experts has quality and intensive experience to create a digital transformation, unified commerce, value chain optimization, IoT, big data and advanced analytics to meet - and shape - customer expectations to overcome the real struggles.